Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Sarah Crown
Theatre Correspondent
7:36 PM 24th May 2022

Cluedo - A Classic Whodunit!

Michelle Collins, Etisyai Phillips, Tom Babbage, Judith Amsenga, Daniel Casey - credit Craig Sugden
Michelle Collins, Etisyai Phillips, Tom Babbage, Judith Amsenga, Daniel Casey - credit Craig Sugden
Was it Miss Scarlett, with the revolver in the dining room, or Professor Plum, with the lead pipe in the library, or even Miss White in the billiard room with the rope?

All familiar names which began life as a board game, invented during the second world war, but has since morphed into other entertainment mediums, and is still played and enjoyed by millions.

Based on the 1985 cult film ‘Clue’, Cluedo now hits the stage with a strong cast and an exceptional design team.

The characters all assemble one stormy night as a result of an invitation from the mysterious Lord Boddy. All have something to hide as each reveal they are the victims of blackmail. The burning question is who is the blackmailer? As the tension mounts both the residents and guests at Boddington Manor are murdered, one by one, with a selection of the familiar game’s murder weapons.

The strong cast is headed up by Michelle Collins, a sultry Miss Scarlett wearing an appropriately coloured dress. Professor Plum, played by Daniel Casey, in the requisite coloured suit, is suitably self-important, whilst the dotty Mrs Peacock, played by Judith Amsenga, is appropriately hysterical.

With a liking for martial arts, Etisyai Philip is suitably refined as Mrs White, whilst Wesley Griffith is a subdued Colonel Mustard.

Each member of the cast plays a strong role but special mention must go to Tom Babbage as the accident prone Reverend Green and Jean-Luke Worrall as the butler, and the corner stone of the play. His comical facial expressions conveyed a thousand words whilst his movement around the stage was masterful, sashaying from scene to scene effortlessly. For me, the highlight of the evening was his final soliloquy delivered with boundless energy and perfect comic timing.

David Farley’s set is perfect for this play first appearing as an open space with six different coloured doors representing each of the characters. Each door when opened in turn reveals cleverly designed and well thought out rooms reflecting those of the board game.

Anna Healey’s direction re the movements around the stage are well timed and very clever and as the evening progresses become increasingly ludicrous with the characters moving both props and scenery around the stage, which I suspect must have taken many rehearsal hours to perfect.

An enjoyable but relatively short evening at just under two hours including the interval, Cluedo is a highly entertaining farce which is sure to send you home with a smile on your face.

Sheffield Lyceum until 28th May
On Tour: Lowry Theatre Salford 27th June – 2nd July