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Jan Harris
Assistant Editor
4:05 AM 18th November 2020

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Ain’t Coming This Year!

photo by Mark Thompson taken 2019
photo by Mark Thompson taken 2019
The famous TV advert first appeared on our TV screens back in the winter of 1995 when we saw a fleet of twinkling Coca-Cola trucks travelling across a snowy landscape with the now familiar phrase of #HolidaysAreComing.

But the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck for 2020 will not be seen on the road this year.

The year of 2020 has been a very strange and challenging year what with the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19.

All sorts of events have had to be cancelled or postponed and the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour with the familiar slogan of #HolidaysAreComing is no exception. This is disappointing news for lots of people.

Coca-Cola have this year turned their attention to focusing on relief efforts around the world instead of global marketing and in these challenging times they have given back to the community.

In the UK the company supports FareShare and have provided nearly two million healthy meals to vulnerable people. They have also donated more than 1.5 million drinks to front line workers, food banks and supported the NHS Nightingale Hospitals across the country.

So will you miss the Coca-Cola Christmas truck and #HolidaysAreComing? Look out for their advert instead with the emphasis on recycling.

But never fear the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour will be back next year in 2021.