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11:00 AM 9th April 2020

Coconut Balls

With the children at home and the Easter holidays upon us, why not enjoy this simple recipe to create with your kids.

Coconut Balls
Coconut Balls

200g desiccated coconut
100g icing sugar (optional)
small tin of condensed milk (200g)
4 drops of pink food colouring
Sugar strands /chocolate strands
Mini bun cases


Place coconut, condensed milk and food colouring in a bowl.

Miix all ingredients together.

Cover your hands with icing sugar.

Using your hands, make small balls and dip them in sugar strands.

Place the coconut balls in bun cases.

Great recipe for getting the kids involved with some cooking. The kids love making and eating these simple and yummy sweets.

This recipe was provided by Yazi of Amaali - The Secret of Kashmir

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