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Andrew Palmer
News Editor
7:40 AM 19th May 2021

Roasting The Perfect Coffee Blend

If I was sitting in one those famous chairs featured on Dragons’ Den and the team from Fireheart Coffee entered to pitch, I would have probably invested by the end of the first taste.

Rash! Well perhaps, but Fireheart won me over with two of its current blends they sent as part of its subscription service and now I’m hooked.

The bags were conveniently posted and once they dropped through the letter box I had the kettle on and my favourite Palmer’s coffee mug out.

Andrew Palmer’s blends were ground for a cafetière and he tried the Fireheart Coffee Palace Blend a 60% San Pablo Colombian blend and 40% Adola Ethoipian blend. already a true stalwart of the Fireheart community. A characterful, living blend changes with the seasons yet is utterly dependable and always reassuringly indulgent.
Flavours: Dark Chocolate, Morello Cherry, Candied Orange

And a Colombian Fireheart Popayan Decaf
with flours of Golden Syrup, Malt Biscuit and Dried Apricot. Described as a genuine smooth operator flowing with sweet, mellow vibes, our Popayan Decaf embodies the laid-back spirit of Colombia.

The first thing I noticed was the slick design and colours of the easy to use and practical resealable bags.
As I opened the bags I got an instant caffeine hit from the wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee as it hit my sensory organs.

The coffee looks good, smells great, tastes excellent.

Both were deliciously smooth with the subtle flavours coming through. Both were mellow with a sweetness and delightfully refreshing on the palate.

If you like your coffee first thing, mid-morning or post dinner, these blends are perfect.

I’ve never thought about setting up a coffee subscription but Fireheart has disrupted my shopping habit.
The company also takes a ‘Transparent C’ philosophy meaning it is rigorous about its decision-making at every step of the coffee’s journey, making the most sustainable, or ideally regenerative planet and people positive choices.
From the outset the management team made it their business to put ethical decision-making at the heart of what they do and re working towards being BCorp certified.

The company also prides itself on firing up its roaster as soon as a coffee subscription order hits the inbox.

And it is 5 easy steps to placing the first order:
Step 1 Choose your range
Step 2 Choose your size of bag 250g or 1Kg
Step 3 Choose your Grind Size whole bean, fine, medium or coarse
Step 4 Choose your coffee
Step 5 Chose how often you want your coffee delivered.

I think that fresh coffee is one of the great pleasures of life along with freshly baked bread.

That’s it! I think my next writing assignment can wait, I think it’s time for another cuppa.

Whether buying or gifting Fireheart Coffee click here to find out more