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Louise Fletcher
11:05 AM 10th April 2013

Commemorative Plaques Put Homeless On Leeds Map

Unfortunately, homelessness seems to be something that city goers expect, almost turning a blind eye to people on the street, with only one in a handful stopping to offer change or even acknowledging them. But these people shouldn't blend into the background, look a little deeper and each has a story to tell, a personality to share.

This is something that charity, Simon on the Streets, strongly believes in and hopes to raise awareness through commemorative plaques put up at rough sleeper spots across the city. The plaques, styled like English Heritage blue commemorative signs, are hoped to draw Leeds's attention to the living conditions and morality rates of those seeking refuge on the streets.

Simon on the Streets director Clive Sandle said: "Typically, blue plaques draw attention from tourists and residents and highlight when a site has played a critical role in the life of someone famous or noteworthy - they're usually mark something that should be celebrated by society.

"We believe that we should also stay in touch with those areas that need to be addressed as much as we possibly can. We hope that by highlighting the mortality of homeless people, when they are so often forgotten in life, will encourage the residents of Leeds to help us tackle the issue."

The plaques are placed at ground level making passersby appreciate the issue on a more personal level. The plaques not only give the person's name but also a bit about their character, from Danny the fastest runner in school to Wahid, an avid beat boxer.

The charity hope that being able to relate to rough sleepers will help people stand up to the issue and help those that so many forget.
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