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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
5:20 PM 22nd March 2018

Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain

Something suddenly clicked for Arizona-born singer/songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews with the release of 2016's Honest Life.

Having determined in her early teens that she wished to be a musician, she decided to take the old school route to acclaim. Rather than entering herself into glorified television competitions, she went to the school of hard knocks and learnt about life as an independent artist touring her songs and building a grassroots fanbase.

After releasing her debut album, Urban Myths, in 2008, she spent a period on the road as an auxiliary member of Jimmy Eat World, before returning to focus to her solo material. Then in 2016 Honest Life was released and suddenly became the hype artist that everyone claimed to know about first.

While her UK fanbase were treated to re-release of her 2013 album On My Way to fill the void as Andrews worked on her latest studio release, her ever increasing international fanbase are finally rewarded with May Your Kindness Remain, a bigger, bolder and even more emotive collection from 2018's UK Americana Awards' International Artist Of The Year.

Although the sound may be a lot bigger than anything Andrews has ever released, May Your Kindness Remain is every inch the perfect follow-up to Honest Life. Having impressed critics and music fans alike with her heart-on-sleeve lyrics, raw and passionate storyteller vocals and ear for a radio friendly melody on Honest Life, it's follow-up has all the key ingredients just with an added bombastic flair.

A perfect marriage of country, gospel, soul and Blues, Andrews delivers an album that is a clever balance of dark and light. While not afraid to explore her inner insecurities, she is also able to offer insight and healing within her cleverly penned words.

It was a hard task to top Honest Life but Andrews has made it seem effortless. This will no doubt be at the top of many albums of the year lists. And deservedly so.