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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
9:00 AM 14th August 2020

DREAMING OF REMOTENESS ……..Ses Salines Natural Reserve, Ibiza

If you would like to reset and recharge in seven of the world’s best secluded stays, then look no further. We’ll be featuring one a day. Here’s your seventh and final one:

Ses Salines Natural Reserve, located in the south of Ibiza and spreading across to the north of Formentera, provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the island’s lesser-known side, including its characteristic salt dunes, hidden coves, and wetlands.

With its diverse and varied landscape, Ses Salines Natural Reserve is home to many animal and plant species, including the underwater meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, the unique seagrass growing around the coast, said to be a vital source of oxygen; and a reason behind the sparkling clear waters for which the Balearic Islands archipelago is known.

Ses Salines also plays an important role in bird migration. Over 200 bird species pass through the park annually, including flamingos which rest in Ibiza for a few days every year between August and October.

The area is also home to several sparsely inhabited villages, such as Sant Françesc, an authentic and traditional village built by salt workers in the 18th century, which allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the cultural and historical heritage of the White Island and experience its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.