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11:33 AM 5th January 2024

Darts Is Going To Explode Globally’, Says Legendary Referee Russ Bray


Darts is going to explode globally as a sport following the success of Luke Littler in the PDC World Darts Championship, according to retiring referee Russ Bray.

He told GB News: “It's going to explode even bigger. It's big, it really is big. But with Luke Littler, being a youngster, it is in every tabloid, every newspaper, every piece of media you can think of - it’s Luke Littler.

“And the youngsters will relate to that, so the youngsters will say, ‘Mum, Dad, can you get me a dartboard?’”

In a discussion with Nigel Farage, he praised the UK’s academy system for developing the champions of the future.

“When you see the kids, they're throwing at dartboards in comparison to their height and age, and then you go around to the proper main boards where the older ones are in there on a Saturday morning, when you get in there, it is fantastic.

“You see these kids, but there is also a caller, little Noah from Milton Keynes, he is actually calling senior darts and he is seven.

“That’s how good his maths is, that’s how good a caller he is.”

Farage responded: “I’ve said before, Rishi Sunak wants everyone to stay on at school until they’re 18 to be good with numbers - just go and play darts.“

After officiating in last night’s final, he said he is going to retire as a referee and will promote the sport globally as an ambassador to find the next Luke Littler.

“I'll be going out to Asia, eight, nine, ten times a year, in Japan, to China, to Singapore, Philippines, everywhere like that.

“If I find one, I’ll find four, five or six, because they are getting better and better.”