Yorkshire Times
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3:00 AM 2nd April 2022

Data Reveals Best To Worst Easter Eggs For Your Teeth By Sugar Content

As Easter is often filled with chocolates and treats, were intrigued to find out which Easter eggs could be the best and worst for your teeth, based on sugar content.

Top 10 Popular Easter Eggs with the Highest Sugar Content:
Rank Easter Egg Brand Average Sugar Content in grams (per 100g)
=1 Galaxy Ripple Mars 68
=1 Galaxy Minstrels Mars 68
2 Smarties Nestlé 65.35
3 M&M's Salted Caramel Mars 65
4 Smarties Orange Nestlé 64.9
5 Twix (White Chocolate) Mars 62
6 Creme Egg Cadbury 61.5
7 Chocolate Orange (White Chocolate) Terry’s 61
8 Aero Peppermint Nestlé 60.75
9 Rolo Nestlé 60.5
=10 Yorkie Nestlé 60.4
=10 Quality Street Nestlé 60.4
=10 Lion Nestlé 60.4
=10 Kit Kat Nestlé 60.4

Joint top spot for the Easter eggs worst for your teeth are Galaxy Ripple and Galaxy Minstrels Easter Eggs with 68g of sugar per 100g. Although two Mars Galaxy products take top spot, the other two Mars Galaxy products (Galaxy Enchanted and Galaxy) rank respectively 19th and 52nd.

Second place is the Smarties Easter Egg with 65.35g of sugar per 100g. This is over 10g more than the average sugar content across other popular Easter eggs.

Third place is M&M's Salted Caramel with 65g of sugar per 100g. Caramel is pure sugar, and when combined with the chocolate it is unsurprising the product can be so bad for your teeth.

Fourth, fifth and sixth are Smarties Orange (64.9g), White Chocolate Twix (62g) and Creme Egg (61.5g).

Top 5 Popular Easter Eggs with the Lowest Sugar Content:
Rank Easter Egg Brand Average Sugar Content in grams (per 100g)
1 Green & Black’s (Dark Chocolate) Cadbury 29
2 Ferrero Collection Ferrero 39.9
3 Ferrero Rocher Ferrero 41.8
=4 Lindt Salted Caramel Lindt 42
=4 Lindt with Mint Truffles Lindt 42
5 Chocolate Fingers Cadbury 45

The Easter egg with the least sugar, is unsurprisingly Green & Black’s with only 29g per 100g. This is due to it being dark chocolate meaning it has a high cacao content and less sugar, giving the signature bitter taste.

Second place for the Easter egg least bad for your teeth is Ferrero Collection with 39.9g of sugar.

Third place for lowest sugar content is Ferrero Rocher with 41.8g of sugar per 100g. Both rankings contain less sugar because of the high nut content.

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