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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
11:50 AM 20th December 2016

Decorating For Christmas With Little Alf

Hannah and Alfie decorating the Christmas tree
Hannah and Alfie decorating the Christmas tree
Last week I brought Alfie inside the log cabin, which is my mums painting studio. I brought him in to decorate the tree just in time for Christmas.

Alfie has been in the house before but not in the newly built log cabin. He didn't hesitate to wander inside. Luckily this time I had asked my parents about bringing Alfie indoors to help.

The first time I brought Alfie inside I hadn't asked them so they weren't too pleased! They actually found out via social media. They had gone away on holiday for the weekend so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring Alfie in the house to keep me company. I couldn't resist taking some photos of him on the cream carpet in the lounge and uploading them to Alfie's blog! Little did I know my parents regularly read my blog and had clicked on that weekend to have a browse. I could imagine the look on their faces when they saw a picture of Alfie stood in the lounge... (whoops)

I had already put the tree up so me and Alfie just had to decorate with tinsel, lights and baubles, which wasn't too demanding and I thought was an easy task for us both to enjoy. With a mug of hot chocolate and the fire blazing Alfie soon settled and dived his head into the basket of baubles which he seemed to enjoy playing with.

I had just began decorating the tree when I heard Alfie begin to crunch something... I never thought anything of it initially because I had given him some pony treat to help him settle down, so I carried on adding baubles. It was only when I heard Alfie crunch something for the second time that I got down off my ladders to see what he was doing... I looked over to see that he hadn't actually touched his pony treats yet... I instantly knew he had been up to no good and to my horror he'd been crunching the golden baubles. I swiftly moved the basket which Alfie wasn't too pleased about and carried on decorating the tree.

Alfie seemed to enjoy watching and kept nudging the tinsel with his nose. Once the tree was decorated Alfie kept trying to pinch the baubles with his teeth so I decided it was best to leave the cabin, although getting him out was no easy task as he loved the warmth of the fire and was refusing to leave. So we sat in there a while longer and listened to the Christmas music on the radio for the rest of the afternoon...