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Phil Hopkins
Group Travel Editor & Theatre Correspondent
8:00 AM 27th May 2022

Diana Ross Doppelganger Stuns!

When an impersonator walks on stage and your heart momentarily skips a beat because the resemblance with the original artiste is uncanny, you know you are about to witness something between stunning, disappointing or interesting!

I am delighted to say that Tameka Jackson, the face behind The Diana Ross Story, was the complete show woman and the ultimate performer, clearly believing that she really was the 60’s icon and Motown Records’ first superstar…..which is why it all worked so well!

It might have been Bradford’s St George’s Hall but, for two hours, the lads and lasses of Britain’s former wool capital, were in Detroit witnessing their icon emerge from obscurity to international stardom as part of the In The Name of Love tour.

It was a great evening and a clever ‘two-hander’ which opened with Cherie Jade as the ‘young’ Diana Ross, the girl who began as part of The Supremes, rising to solo stardom and claiming 100 million worldwide record sales across a career spanning more than 60 years.

In the second half it was the turn of Tameka to step up to the microphone and rather than just singing Ross’ many iconic numbers: I’m Coming Out, My Endless Love, Baby Love, Chain Reaction – she cajoled the audience into singing half the lyrics with her.

Not because she was a lazy performer, quite the contrary, but because she had amazing rapport with her ‘fans’ and the ability to create belief. Later, when she stepped off the stage and into the audience, people were clamouring to either touch her or grab a quick photo. Tameka WAS their icon.
That is a wonderful skill for a performer to have and Jackson has it.

She is also hugely affected, continually stroking her hair, inviting the audience to ‘look at me’ and basking in her own temporary fame. Anywhere else people might accuse her of vanity: on stage it’s a requirement in order to deliver something of this calibre.

The musicians were great but a little like waxwork dummies at the outset, with the exception of the young vibrant drummer.

Musicians, as the line up in The Illegal Eagles will attest, are as much a part of the show as the ‘performers’ themselves, and they should never forget this. Last night they did for a while.

This is a great night out and there are a host of other regional dates lined up over the coming months. Check them out at the following link.

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