Yorkshire Times
Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
6:00 AM 26th June 2020

Dream Wife - So When You Gonna…

Dream Wife never intended to become a much-hyped punk driven trio. The university friends started the project as just that. An art project. Yet something clicked. What was just an experiment bloomed into one of the feistiest trios the music world had witnessed in recent years. With echoes of Hole and Garbage, there was something fresh and exciting that was largely missing from the music industry. As a result their debut album was released to critical applause. Now they have the difficult task of releasing an equally impressive sophomore collection.

One thing must be noted, their debut album showed that this was no longer just an art project. However, as they grow into So When You Gonna... it becomes apparent that this is a trio who have fully settled into their status and rock on their own terms.

So When You Gonna... has more colourful shades, textures and tones running through it than their debut, which explores different sides of their influences and is a far stronger record overall than their eponymous debut. While the initial bite may have mellowed, a growing uniqueness has taken its place.

Although those that aren't a fan of mellower pop will find great fault with the record from the punky trio, the balance between their original sound and their new sound is carefully constructed.

This may not be the album their fans had anticipated. It is something more interesting.