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12:00 AM 2nd December 2023

Dreaming About Sex On A Plane!

We’ve all heard of the ‘Mile High Club’ but is it actually legal to engage in nuptuals in the BA bogs?

With a third of the UK population saying they want to travel more in 2024, online travel agent eShores have decided to answer some of the most statistically googled searches.

And, whether it’s sex or constipation at 20,000 feet, here are a few handy answers to some of life’s more burning issues!

"Can Flying on A Plane Cause Constipation?"
As you may spend much of a flight unable to use the toilet and having to suppress any urges, flying can cause you to become slightly constipated. The flight itself and cabin pressure can also lead to the feeling of bloating due to any gas in your gut increasing in size at altitude.

“Why Do I Dream More on Holiday?”

Without trying to be too scientific, many people suggest that the array of new sights and sensations that we experience on holiday lead to more vivid dreams. Dreaming is a way of our minds processing feelings and information, so it makes sense that we’d dream more on holiday. We’re usually found dreaming about going on holiday!

“Is It Illegal to Have Sex on A Plane?”
Due to the nature of air travel, it’s all down to the laws of the country to which the plane is registered. In UK law, it’s illegal to have sex in a bathroom or toilet to which the public has access. Maybe wait until you’ve checked into your hotel room… for everyone’s sake!

“Can You Go on A Skiing Holiday and Not Ski?”
Of course! Well, you can visit a ski resort on holiday and not ski. We’re not sure it’d technically be a skiing holiday if you don’t ski – but we’re just being pedantic!

“Is It Safe to Drink Coffee on A Plane?”

There have been numerous reports and rumours that drinking coffee and tea on a plane could make you ill, however, there’s currently not much scientific evidence to directly back that up. However, the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can increase through dehydration, with caffeinated drinks increasing your chance of becoming dehydrated. Just remember to keep drinking water to avoid this.

“Can Airport Scanners See Tampons?”
Those famous intrusive airport scanners can see through clothes; however, they do not show an anatomically correct image. This means that the operator of the scanner wouldn’t be able to see an item such as a tampon.

“Does Mustard Help Sunburns?”
There’s no scientific evidence to prove that putting mustard on any kind of burn will help it. We suggest sticking to more traditional remedies and avoiding dressing yourself up in condiments!
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