Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:45 AM 21st October 2020

E-Scooters Arrive In York

E-scooters are now available on the streets of York as part of a 12-month rental trial operated by the leading European operator TIER, providing a safe and sustainable way of getting around the city.

Whether they will be a success in the city or not we shall see. I think that they will become more popular over time when the tourists arrive back in the city.

The Department for Transport approved scheme will initially see 50 e-scooters deployed in the City, with the potential to gradually increase to up to 700 after six months. Renting an e-scooter in York will cost riders £1 to unlock the vehicle and 15p per minute travelled.

People can pick up the e-scooters at the University of York campus and ride them along a number of cycle and road routes, offering an environmentally friendly and Covid-safe mode of transport. Discussions are also taking place with York Hospital, which could see the scheme operating from there in the coming weeks.

City of York Council selected TIER as the sole operator because of the company’s pioneering approach to safety, responsible operations and sustainability. TIER is the first climate-neutral micro-mobility provider and has introduced industry-leading swappable battery technology.

Every scooter in York will have a swappable battery, which teams of TIER employees on e-cargo bikes can change when they run low. This dramatically reduces emissions and congestion on roads, compared to the common industry practice of using vans to collect the e-scooters and take them to be charged in a warehouse.

TIER e-scooters will be the safest on UK roads, with an integrated helmet; the largest front wheel in the market; a wider foot plate; dual suspension, a double kickstand and dual drum brakes for stable riding on uneven surfaces and conditions.

The e-scooters are also fitted with number plates, including unique IDs, which TIER has a full record of. This will ensure all rides can easily be tracked by CCTV and the police to ensure that the service is enjoyed safely and responsibly. TIER will be promoting responsible parking, with its scooters only allowed to be parked in designated bays across the city, which will be marked clearly on the road and in the TIER app.