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6:22 PM 5th April 2022

Easter Flight Cancellations To Continue For Days

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay
News today reports that EasyJet is having to cancel around 60 flights today as a high number of staff are absent due to Covid. British Airways has also been having to cancel flights due to staff shortages in the last couple of days as the first holiday period since the end of COVID restrictions begins.

Travel Insurance Expert at Jac Morris says:

“During the pandemic, our research found that 63% of Brits said they were more likely to consider holidaying the UK than abroad. However, scenes across many UK airports this week are a true example of how holiday-goers are keen to travel abroad now that restrictions have started to ease. Unfortunately, some airlines have faced travel disruptions that have left customers with their flights either delayed or cancelled.

“Travel disruptions can be frustrating and disappointing, and you might be left feeling unsure on what to do. If you've found yourself with a travel delay, you may be eligible to claim for compensation with the airline itself. This however would depend on how long your flight is delayed for, the country you're flying to and the length of your flight. If your flight is cancelled, then you have a legal right to either claim a full refund or ask for a replacement flight.

"Whatever the circumstance, it's always sensible to consider travel insurance before going away so that you can cover all bases in case you're hit with an unexpected event. Our guide to flight delay compensation will help to breakdown your options and legal rights."