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4:57 PM 13th March 2024

Endurance Horse Riding

On Friday the 8th of March the North and East Yorkshire branch of Endurance GB held an 'Introduction to Endurance' talk that proved highly popular.

Endurance horse riding enables people of all ages to ride across the countryside covering distances of approximately 5km all the way through to 160km in a day. This event gave those who are thinking about joining a taste of what to expect and it was open to both children and adults across the whole of Yorkshire.

The night involved lots of discussion and interactive activities led by members of the committee as well as details about upcoming rides. These include a Pony Club Easter ride (open to all ages with Easter eggs for all) a local and national ride in Cropton and a two-day ride in the moors with a pub as it's venue in May.

It was great to see so many people who were interested in finding out about Endurance riding. Endurance riding is a sport that all people can do with their horses or ponies, as long as the horse is fit and sound to hack they can join an Endurance Pleasure Ride, or for the more competitive there are the graded rides. People came from all over North and South Yorkshire as well as Durham and Teesside to this introduction session and had lots of questions and received some good hints and tips in getting going. It really is an enjoyable sport and we are looking forward to new members joining us this year.
Ann Featherstone, Group Secretary, North & East
Yorkshire Group of Endurance.

Jayne Walker who owns an Irish Sports horse named Brody and Ashley Booth who owns a cob called Queenie said that they found the evening "fascinating". They were particularly interested in the importance of measuring the horses' heart rate at the beginning and end of national rides.

Denise Eastwood
Denise Eastwood
Eva smith
Eva smith
Eva Smith who owns two thoroughbreds said she did not realise how accessible endurance was to para riders until attending this event and Denise Eastwood, who owns a sports horse called Oakley, has already signed up for the first local ride of the season at Escrick Park this Sunday!