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7:49 AM 8th October 2020

Enjoy A Cracking Cocktail For British Egg Week

This week marks the start of British Egg Week (9th - 15th October). From cakes to cookies and quiche to pasta, the egg is prominent in so many treats, but it is underused and often forgotten in one main area - cocktails!

To celebrate here are a couple of quality cocktail recipes from Harrogate-based Slingsby Gin, which use egg whites to enhance the cocktail. Adding eggs to a shaken drink is a tradition that dates back more than a century, and an egg white or two gives a cocktail a rich, creamy texture and a beautiful foamy finish.

After Dinner Martini


30ml London Dry Gin
10ml Crème de Menthe
10ml Crème de Cacao
100ml Single Cream
Egg Whites


Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice.
Hard shake until thoroughly chilled.
Strain liquid from ice and shake without ice until a good foam develops.
Dust with a coating of cinnamon.

Slingsby Clover Club


50ml London Dry Gin
1 Egg White
20ml Lemon Juice
20ml Raspberry Liqueur
4 Raspberries


Dry shake all ingredients for 30 seconds.
Add half a cup of ice then shake again until cold.
Strain into a chilled coup glass
Garnish with raspberries or a strawberry.

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