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8:13 PM 24th April 2020

Enterprising Eight-year-old Creates His Own Mosque In His Playroom

An enterprising eight-year-old has used his ingenuity to turn his playroom into a mosque using recycled cardboard packaging from his parents’ new desk.

Yahya in his specially created mosque
Yahya in his specially created mosque
Yahya Murad Hussain, a pupil at Bradford Grammar Junior School, came up with the idea himself following the closure of the mosques in his home city of Bradford due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It took him about a week to design and build his unusual DIY project and his parents helped with the structure and some of the more intricate Islamic geometric designs.

Yahya used sweet wrappers and paint to complete his mosque before adding fairy lights, a diffuser with different scents and a light box, to which he adds an inspirational word or two every day – from Be Happy to Smile.

Yahya said:
“I decided that, because all the mosques were closed, that I might as well make my own. I wanted it to be a special area and a peaceful place in the house. It is magical and it makes me feel happy when I go in there.”

Yahya’s mum, Auzma Yousaf, said:
“We’re so proud of him for showing the patience and determination to get it finished. He uses it every day, not just to pray, but also to read and reflect. We spend time in there together as a family to pray and reflect.

“It’s not been easy for him not seeing his friends or cousins, so this project has given him a positive purpose in this lockdown period. It’s important to make the best of the situation that we’re in.

“Sometimes children can be the greatest teachers, showing strength and resilience by finding something positive to focus on in times of crisis.”

Richard Ribeiro, headmaster at Bradford Grammar Junior School, said:
“We’re really proud of Yahya for taking on such a challenge and showing real ingenuity in creating a happy, inspiring and safe place to be in his home. Well done Yahya!”