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1:00 AM 20th January 2024

Essential Cleaning Checklist For The Cold Season

Photo by Anton on Unsplash
Photo by Anton on Unsplash
Winter is well and truly here! This time of year brings joy and cosiness, but let’s not forget that the plunging temperatures and harsh weather can also carry dirt and unwanted mess into our lovely homes. Winter is also of course peak cold and flu season – meaning it’s arguably the most important time of year to keep your living spaces clean and bacteria free.

To keep your home cosy but clean during the colder winter months, Olivia Young Product Development Scientist at Astonish, shares her ‘winter cleaning checklist’:

Don’t forget your windows

We all try hard to keep our homes warm during the winter in any way that we can – with energy costs rising, keeping the heating on all the time might not be an option. What might surprise you is that having clean windows can actually help keep your home better insulated – which means you can spend less money on the heating! Dirty windows, covered in grime and residue, can block the transfer of sunlight into the home, which is what helps naturally warm our rooms. Cleaner, maintained windows ensure that the sun can beam through and also help to protect the window seal against damage and cracks, reducing unwanted draughts.

So whilst you might not think it, winter is actually the time to give your windows a bit more love and attention. Restoring your windows to be shiny and streak-free is really easy, no matter the weather. Just make sure you come armed with washing up liquid and warm water, a brilliant combo that will prove effective at cleaning the glass, due to an agent in the washing up liquid that cuts through grease and grime in no time at all. Another top tip is when wiping with a cloth or towel, make sure to work in a ‘S-shape’ when cleaning, to avoids leaving any smears or smudges on your shiny windows.

Dust those radiators

Cleaning radiators should always be on your winter cleaning checklist. Dirty, dusty radiators make them less effective, something that you definitely don’t want during winter, especially if you’re only using them sparingly to keep costs low.

The problem with not cleaning your radiator is that dust settles easily on them and can stop the heat radiating as it should do. By giving them a much-needed scrub, you can help heat your home more effectively, giving you the chance to turn them off earlier in the day to reduce your energy bill in the long run.

Firstly, make sure to turn off your radiator before giving it a clean. Then, using the handheld attachment give your radiator a good vacuum to remove as much dust as you can. This of course won’t reach every nook and cranny, so you’ll need to grab an extendable duster to get to those harder to reach areas. To finish off, grab a warm, wet sponge or cloth and simply wipe to remove any final bits of dust, then let it dry naturally before turning your radiators back on.

Tackle mould straight away

Mould is a common problem many people face during winter. The places that are likely to be affected the most are those that are warm and wet – meaning your bathrooms! That said, during the colder months most rooms in your home could be vulnerable to mould growing. This occurs primarily from condensation that builds up on your windows when you’ve got your radiators on. If you think about it, when windows and doors are closed, there's not much chance for the air to circulate and the moisture to make a swift exit. This build up is what can cause dreaded mould to make an appearance.

It goes without saying – but if left untreated, mould can be dangerous. It can cause respiratory problems, which right in the heart of flu season is the last thing you need. The key to tackle mould is to act fast. Try to come into as little contact with it as you can. So, grab your gloves, tie up your hair and get to work to remove any signs of mould as soon as you notice them.

The best chance at removing mould in just a few minutes is using a Mould & Mildew Blaster, a spray that will both remove the stain and prevent a dreaded return. Simply spray, leave for a few minutes, and then wipe clean. Without the need for scrubbing, it allows you to remove mould stains without spending too much time up close to the area that can be harmful if you linger for too long. Remember mould is nothing to be ashamed or worried about, it’s a normal thing to have in your home in small amounts during winter – but try to act as quick as you can to remove it.

Create a germ-free home

The majority of us will feel a bit under the weather during the winter period, it is peak cold and flu season after all! It’s pretty tricky to avoid, with the kids bringing them home from school or you catching one on public transport, so keeping these germs at bay can be quite the task. One way to achieve this is by regular cleaning throughout your home, especially on key surfaces that multiple people use – such as taps and toilets.

This can really make a huge difference during winter as regularly wiping down and cleaning surfaces will remove bacteria and germs that linger, helping you to limit the spread of cold and flu viruses in your home. Where possible, try to ventilate rooms too. We know it’s cold, but this will help air to circulate, bringing fresh air in to your home and sending germ ridden air away!

Spruce up your bed

Unfortunately, sickness bugs are also a regular problem during the colder season, as we tend to spend more times indoors, which allows viruses to spread easily from person to person. For those needing to snuggle up in a warm bed when battling a bug, make sure it’s clean and fresh. This will help you to help fight germs and promote rest and recovery.

Winter is also a really good time to give your mattress a deep clean. A clean bed reduces the likelihood of catching airborne viruses, promoting better health and giving you one less chance to catch a bug this winter! To effectively clean your mattress, you can simply give it a good hoover. Also now is a good chance to remove any stains and marks using a Specialist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. This will give your mattress a much-needed refresh – plus it will feel extra cosy and clean!

Keep your carpets stain and dirt free

It’s often your carpets that suffer the most during winter. Wet, muddy weather at this time of year means we often carry a lot of dirt into our homes, with the rugs and carpets usually taking the brunt of our mess. If that wasn’t worrying enough, grit salt on roads and paths can also be trailed in, leaving tough-to-remove stains on our flooring and carpets. Make sure to vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly to remove any build up of dirt and debris that makes its way into your home.

One thing a vacuum can’t tackle however is stains. Whether it’s dirt that’s been trodden into your carpet, wine or coffee that’s been split or stains from your furry friends’ muddy paws– they are often unavoidable! The main problem with stains is that the longer you leave them, the worse they will get. The trick when it comes to getting rid of them is to act fast. Ideally, get to it immediately or as soon as you notice it. This will give you the best chance to remove it completely.

Your natural reaction might be to give the stain a really good scrub, but this is probably the worst thing you can do! Instead, dap the stained area gently. This will help to draw it out of the fabric. Scrubbing it just pushes the stain deeper into the material, making it really tricky to get rid of. If you have a carpet machine, opt for a Carpet Care Shampoo that will lift stains while removing odours too.

For more expert cleaning guidance ahead of winter, click the link to the Astonish website: