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Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
1:57 PM 19th May 2020

Estate Car Excellence From Peugeot – 508 SW On Test

Once the default family conveyance, the estate car has faded from prominence over the last decade or so as buyers increasing turn to SUVs to cater for their needs. Keener drivers may have been missing out as most wagons will comfortably outhandle their loftier cousins.

Peugeot has never abandoned the estate car format and still offers a varied selection.

What is it?

On test here is Peugeot’s largest estate car, the 508 SW. Don’t be deceived by the svelte looks and sloping roofline, as the versatile body hides a spacious and practical interior.

And what an interior it is too, with top quality materials in abundance and plenty of Gallic flair setting it apart from the rather staid competition. Equipment count is high, whatever version you choose.

Vital statistics (as tested)

Peugeot 508 SW GT Blue HDi 180
Price £38,830 (£42,170 with options)
177hp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine
8-speed automatic gearbox
0-62mph in 8.4 seconds
Top speed 144mph
Combined economy 45.7 - 50.3mpg
Emissions 109 – 114 g/km CO2
3 year/60,000-mile warranty
Insurance group 32E

How does it drive?

Comfort is the order of the day, with the 508 SW offering a cosseting ride even with optional 19-inch alloy wheels. It makes the car a relaxing long-distance cruiser, especially as that slippery shape equates to a lack of wind noise too.

The powerful diesel engine is well matched to the slick automatic gearbox and brisk progress can be made without much effort.

The steering is light, and the Peugeot’s small steering wheel takes some getting used to. However, the car handles the twisty stuff with aplomb and a quick cross-country blast can be fun.

At the end of a week’s mixed driving, the trip computer was reading a tad over 40mpg, a respectable result.

Should I buy one?

Most 508 SWs are likely to be purchased or leased by fleet buyers, so the rather premium pricing may be less of an issue. At over £40,000 as tested, that headline figure does seem a tad on the high side. However, the range does start at £26,855 and as a private buyer, the following deal is currently available:

Peugeot 508 SW Active 1.5 HDi
List price £26,855
Customer deposit £4,494.06
Peugeot contribution: £1,500
47 monthly payments of £319
Optional final payment of £8,883
APR 4.9%
6,000 miles per year

The rivals

The space champion is undoubtedly the Skoda Superb and if that is your ultimate priority, then look no further. Those looking for the best driving estate car are likely to be drawn to the BMW 3 Series Touring, a benchmark if ever there was one.

The 508 SW is better looking than both, is reasonably engaging to drive and big enough. Still not convinced, then pop a long to your local dealer and have a test drive.

The verdict

Badge snobs need not apply. However, judging by the admiring glances and favourable comments during my time with the car, Peugeot are on to a winner. Whether this translates into UK sales remains to be seen.

Steer clear of the SUV, circumvent the crossover, embrace the estate car…. I suspect I don’t have a career in slogan-making, but you get the idea!