Yorkshire Times
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2:01 PM 6th September 2020

Eston Arts Centre Reopens With Carl Mole Photo Exhibition

Eston Arts Centre in Eston, North Yorkshire is reopening next week (Thursday September 10th) after being closed for 5 months since lockdown, starting with a photography exhibition called Teesmouth, by photographer Carl Mole.

Carl Mole has been photographing the Teesmouth area since 2015. The photographs on display at Eston Arts Centre show the habitat, landscape and the relationship between the people who use it - for work and play - and the geographic area. The photographs range from where the river meets the North Sea between the coastal towns of Redcar, North Yorkshire and Hartlepool and upstream to Middlesbrough Dock. 

There is a Natural Nature Reserve at Teesmouth and the area is surrounded by some of the largest concentrations of heavy industry in the UK.  The soon to be demolished Redcar Blast Furnace also features in some of the photographs, and that area is soon to become the UK’s biggest industrial zone.

The series of photographs of around Teesmouth are an unsentimental visual exploration of the area around the mouth of the River Tees. The photographs take the viewer on a documentary and environmental journey of the landscape to enquire if beauty can be found in the least expected and industrial places; the places overlooked and neglected in favour of the idealised natural landscape.

Exhibition Open - September 10 – October 3 2020
Thursday 10-4pm /Friday 10-4pm /Saturday 10-1pm
Eston Arts Centre, 176-178 High Street, Eston, Middlesbrough. TS6 9JA