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2:00 AM 26th March 2022

Experts Highlight Drivers’ Need For Good Peripheral Vision

image / pixabay
image / pixabay
Drivers must be extra vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists following the change in road laws, experts have urged.

With new hierarchy of road users meaning they now have priority when at crossings and junctions, Specsavers is highlighting the importance of drivers having good peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision is the part of sight outside of a person’s central field of vision which allows them to see objects to the side without having to move your head or eyes.

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical services director, says:
"As drivers need to be more vigilant of pedestrians and cyclists, it’s vital that they are confident their peripheral vision is good – if unsure, please see an optometrist.

"However, this is also important for pedestrians too. Even with priority, they must be aware of vehicles and other road users around them."

Research shows that while there has been a decrease in motor vehicles on the roads during the pandemic, there has been a 46% rise in bike use and a 40% increase in fatalities among cyclists. In addition, five people on average die on the UK’s roads every day and countless more are seriously injured. Research shows that drivers with a slight visual impairment compared to those with clear vision have a 0.3 second slower reaction time, which could be the difference between avoiding a hazard and crashing. 

In fact, studies show more than 90% of a driver’s decisions depends on having good vision.

There are some very basic peripheral vision checks which can be done at home though opticians would advise against them as they could provide false reassurance that everything is fine. The best way for drivers to check their peripheral vision is through regular eye tests.

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