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Graham Clark
Features Writer
1:46 PM 29th August 2020

Fashion House Bistro Arrives In Style In Harrogate

It was a miserable wet and grey evening when I visited Harrogate's new Fashion House Bistro, but as soon as I entered this cosy bar and restaurant it was a pleasure to come into a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The brainchild of David Dresser, a local former fashion photographer, you can see where the inspiration came from for the idea of this new venture as fashion photographs hang from the walls.

Situated in a basement on a busy corner in the town, the Bistro is well placed. There is also a seating area outside too for when the sun decides to shine.

Track and Trace is in operation, the tables are well spaced, screens separate areas within the Bistro and there is sanitiser on each table. It was pleasing too to see the staff clean the tables and seats properly when diners left.

The menu serves breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a selection of drinks including coffee, fine beers and world lagers.

Bread and oil
Bread and oil
The Bread and oil I chose as a starter might have been better served with a variety of different breads as opposed to the one type, however it was still fresh and a good start.

Burgers never go out of fashion and the FHB burger was excellent. What I call a proper burger, it was beefy, thick and tasty - very much like those your mum used to get from the local butchers. It came in a toasted bun with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and ale glaze, lettuce, tomato, red onion and a devilishly tasty FHB relish. Hand cut chips on the side added to the satisfaction.

FHB burger
FHB burger
The pasta dishes and pizza options seemed popular with other diners along with Sausage and Mash, Baked Chicken and the Mediterranean Risotto.

If you are a cake fan then you are in luck. A large cabinet houses a selection of tempting cakes made by The Cake Lady of Harrogate. It reminded me of when you go to Italy and the pizzerias have these huge cabinets of cakes. As my eyes perused the cakes they seemed to get more gooey the further up you went from the bottom of the cabinet. It might have been a fashion model's worst nightmare but for those of us who have no desire to be stick thin it was an invitation to indulge.

Sticky Toffee pudding cake
Sticky Toffee pudding cake
Served warm my Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake with Northern Bloc Vanilla and Bourbon ice cream was a good end to a very tasty meal.

Fashions may fade but good service, great value for money and tasty wholesome food never go out of fashion. Fashion House Bistro looks to be dressed for success.

Fashion House Bistro, 28a Swan Road, Harrogate HG1 2SA
Telephone 01423 528067