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1:27 PM 5th October 2021

Father Of The Bride, Who Was Given Only Three Months Defies The Odds

Graham from Wakefield given terminal cancer diagnosis months before daughter’s wedding
After chemotherapy, radiotherapy and prescription medication gave CBD oil a try
Graham thanks £49.99 oil for giving him the last five years and walking his daughter down the aisle

After being diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, 72-year-old Graham Norton from Wakefield, was given the heart-breaking news he had only three months to live. With his daughter’s wedding Samantha, 46, pending, the whole family, especially his wife of 48-years, Lynne, looked for ways they could give her beloved husband a little more time.

Five years later, Graham a retired joiner, is still enjoying family life and living everyday as it comes alongside his six grandchildren, three belonging to daughter Samantha and three to son Adam, he says, “thanks to a £49.99 CBD oil product”.

Here Graham tells of his heart-warming story that helped him enjoy more time with those he loves so dearly.

“Back in September 2016 we got the news that no one wants to hear, you have cancer, and one that you have very little chance of surviving,” begins Graham. “In those early days after prognosis, I think you just spend time digesting the news. Slowly though, you do wonder if there is anything out there that could give you a little more time, something to turn the tide on the tragic news you’ve just received.”

Graham was offered chemotherapy and radiotherapy after his prognosis but after treatment alongside high doses of prescription medication, he was told the unthinkable, he had only three months to live.

“When we got the facts, Lynne, and both my children went into autopilot looking for therapies, treatments or new supplements that might help extend the time I had, I think we all understood that nothing would cure the cancer. After days researching, both came to me and suggested I try Cannabidiol (CBD)

“I’d not heard of it before, but at this stage I was willing to give anything a go, as long as I knew it was safe. Lynne had found a local pharmacist who had just started his own range of CBD and felt very much like he was the right man to guide us.”

Graham began taking CBD from Tom Chapman a much-celebrated British pharmacist, who specialised in plant extracts for medical use and was one of the founding experts at Well lab ltd (

Graham continued:
“My daughter was getting married only a few months after I found out I had terminal cancer. I just wanted to make sure I could walk her down the aisle before I got too poorly. I think in some ways this is what drove us all to find anything to help me.”

Graham began taking four drops in the morning and four drops before he went to sleep of Well lab’s Soothe and four drops at lunchtime of Energise

He continued:
“I think we all hoped that I would just make the wedding as it felt too much to ask for longer than that. However, I think I speak on behalf of all my family, to still be feeling the way I do all these years later is nothing short of a miracle!

“We all know I still have cancer, but my goodness I have been given the gift of not days with those I love, but years, something we never thought imaginable. I never miss a dose of my CBD as it’s been my lifeline, it’s just become part of my daily routine, four drops at a time, staggered throughout the day. CBD has changed my life and that of my families, it’s affordable and easy to take, I think my story alone just shows what powers it can have.”

Graham ensured he checked with his haematology consultant before starting CBD and was given the green light to use it. After his health improved, Graham now sees his consultant every four months instead of every month.

“I will continue to use CBD every day and fingers crossed it continues to give me the one thing money can’t buy – my life. Every single day my grandchildren give me the will to keep going. I am just so very grateful for all my family’s support and the time they spent finding out about it. I live everyday as if it’s my last – I just hope it isn’t”

Graham is using CBD oil from health and wellness brand Well lab, which has been developed to take a more targeted approach to addressing a wide range of ailments through CBD use.

UK based Well lab CBD oil brand acknowledges that medical claims for a CBD product cannot be made and they do not take any medical responsibility.  Well lab however recognises that clients report to use CBD to support a variety of symptoms.

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