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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
2:16 PM 10th June 2024

Father’s Day Inspiration From Tunstall Meat Company

Do you struggle with choosing an ideal gift for Father's Day (next Sunday, June 16th)? Well, I've been thinking about it and have a suggestion that is worth considering. Instead of the usual gifts, why not surprise your dad with something different this year?

It was while I was chatting with the team at Tunstall Meat Company that the idea struck me, and when I mentioned it, they came up with plenty of delicious ideas on how to make this day memorable.

How about preparing a delicious Sunday roast dinner using grass-fed beef? Tunstall Meat Company matures their beef for a minimum of 28 days, resulting in a tender and flavorful meal.

If the weather is nice, why not have a BBQ outside with the whole family? The 'Burger boxes' are a great option, offering a mix of beef, pork, and lamb burgers, along with a BBQ steak box filled with mouthwatering meat.

I've noticed they take great pride in offering grass-fed and grass-finished meat sourced from their very own farm, located just 5 miles away from the shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire. 

The grill pack is a popular choice, designed to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. It includes 4 chicken fillets, 4 beef burgers, 4 pork steaks, and 8 plain sausages. All for just £24.50. 

And, of course, steak can be a fantastic way to treat your dad. They serve high-quality cuts of delicious, grass-fed steak that will surely impress. There is plenty of choice as to whether he prefers T-bone, sirloin, rib eye, porterhouse, or any other type of steak.

Check out the website and Trustpilot reviews, and consider trying something new.
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