Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
3:21 PM 18th February 2021

February With Little Alf And The Pets…

Lockdown continues here in the UK. I feel so lucky that I live in the Yorkshire Dales and have a lovely place to explore and walk around while I’m working from home.

Little Alf and I often go for a walk around the village and it’s nice for the local people to be able to see him on his adventures. I’ve recently been talking about our mission online and what we want to achieve and it’s to bring people happiness and make them smile because that is the greatest gift.

Like many people running businesses I’ve been adapting my own business and working on going more digital, which seems to be the way forward now and each week I have a diary of zoom meetings and calls to catch up on.

This week I had a meeting with Little Alf’s feed company ‘Dengie Horse Feeds’ over zoom and Little Alf wanted to join that one as he loves his food! But trying to get WIFI into his stable proved to be an issue. Maybe if we continue in lockdown, I’ll have to set up an office with him…

Despite being in lockdown I have been kept busy writing and another book went to the printers this week, which was a huge relief, as it seems to have taken me a long time to write. Each day I am waiting by the post box wishing for it to arrive. I always love receiving new books as it marks the launch of a new story and a new chapter, which makes me realise how much my writing career has grown with Little Alf and the other characters I have created.

Bumble the Bunny will be featuring in a new up and coming novel I am working on in the office. Bumble is often seen on social media keeping everyone entertained. He is so full of life and was given the opportunity to live his life when I adopted him in 2018. It took him a while to gain some confidence, but he is now full of beans, and was named ‘Bumble’ due to his unique stripes down his back.

I wanted to write a fictional story about him because he has such a huge personality and makes lots of people smile online. He has even trended on social media a few times with his videos of him running around the paddock in the summer.

More and more over the next few months I will be featuring my pets online and have recently rebranded my business to ‘Little Alf & Friends’. To me my pets are very much my family and they all feature day to day online and within the books, so I want to talk about them more and how much they mean to me.

Horses and animals have been a great comfort to many during lockdowns. They have become companions to people living on their own and allowed people to get their daily exercise. Not only have our pets provided us with reassurance during these times but when other people haven’t been able to due to social distancing and we are so lucky to have them.