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Jan Harris
Assistant Editor
10:03 AM 10th December 2019

Final Full Moon Of 2019 – Cold Moon

The final full moon for December 2019 is on the 12 December and is the Cold Moon. It gets its name from the fact that in December the temperatures drop and it begins to get really cold.

The longest night of the year is only a few days away on the 22 December – the Winter Solstice.

Some Native American Tribes have also called the December Full Moon the ‘Long Nights Moon’ because it appears so near to the solstice.

If we get a very clear sky you might be fortunate to get a glimpse of the brilliant planet Venus and near to it the dimmer Saturn.

Traditional Full Moon Names:

January 21 – Wolf Moon
February 19 – Snow Moon
March 21 – Worm Moon
April 19 – Pink Moon
May 18 – Flower Moon
June 17 – Strawberry Moon
July 16 – Buck Moon
August 15 – Sturgeon Moon
September 14 – Full Corn Moon
October 13 – Hunter’s Moon
November 12– Beaver’s Moon
December 12 – Cold Moon

Blue Moon - Some years have an extra full moon which happens approximately every two or three years.

The names given to the full moons during the year are derived from the North American traditions.

Many of these ancient moon names have been given based on the behaviour of the plants, animals, or weather during that month.

The next full moon will rise on the 10 January 2020 and is the Wolf Moon.