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3:00 AM 27th January 2020

Flushing Away The Lies.....

The world is constantly telling us that we aren’t good enough.

Peter Williams with his book
Peter Williams with his book
The TV shows us houses we will never be able to afford, and cars we will never have the opportunity to drive.

Social media constantly pops up with the great days people have had, or the new shiny bicycle they have bought, or the fantastic cake they have made, or worst of all their amazing children.

Billboards show us the beautiful clothes we could wear, if only we had the perfectly toned body to slip into them.

Friends show us their newly decorated houses, and their stylish holiday snaps.

Church members tell us how they got healed or beat their addiction.

Our children tell us that all the other kids in their class have the latest iPhones and stay up till midnight watching the 42-inch LED TV’s in their bedrooms.

As we are bombarded by this in all our waking hours, we gradually start to believe the lie that we are not good enough, and worse, that we will never be. The world also at the same time tells us the lie that we could be if…….

In his book Why Am I So Crap? Peter Williams helps you explore what it is that makes you feel less than you should be, and how you can combat those feelings.

It is a short easy to read book written in a conversational style which had lots of practical tips, and interactive questions for you to engage with. It is intended for all ages from teens upwards.

The book leads people through a series of questions, to "help people find out their true identity".

Why is everyone better than me?

Why do we think what we do?

Do I need to apply myself more?

Why don't I stick to my plans?

Why do I do the things I don't want to do?

Am I actually hopeless?

Peter does not shy away from his Christian beliefs in this book, showing, in his words, "how security in your spiritual understanding, can help give you confidence to live as God intended you to".

Says Peter, "If you have times in life when you question your ability to succeed, or even at times the possibility of surviving the next week, then this book is for you".

Why Am I So Crap? by Peter Williams is published by Onwards & Upwards and can be purchased from: