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8:51 AM 9th September 2019

Furniture – The Secret Of Europe’s Number One Resort!

Canaves Oia is located on the boutique island of Santorini and has previously been named the number one resort in Europe but it is an unlikely feature that has highlighted this Greek hidden gem as the place to be…….exclusive furnishings!

The luxurious complex, consisting of a hotel, suites and a villa, is situated on one of Santorini’s highest peaks and shadows the picturesque town of Oia with to-die-for views of the Caldera.

The area is home to authentic white-washed architecture but it is world-class designer Paola Navone, who has brought the finishing touches to the place by creating original Italian furniture

In the suites, you’ll also find Hermes pillowcases in artistic horse print complementing the lavish furnishings.

The Villa
The 120 sqm Canaves Villa is a work of art in itself with a luxuriously minimalistic design and authentic marble flooring. The design upgrades the traditional architecture of the island with luxury and comfort in mind. Rugiano post-modern furnishings grace the villa throughout.

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