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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
3:54 PM 12th June 2017

Getting Ready For An Event...

Hannah and Alfie going for a walk
Hannah and Alfie going for a walk
This week Alfie and I are heading to Bolesworth International Horse Show and we are both excited about going. The reason we are heading to Bolesworth is with 'Brooke.'

Brooke is an international welfare charity working to improve the lives of horses, donkeys, mules and the people who depend on them.

Brooke has been chosen as Bolesworth charity of the year, which is fantastic recognition for them and wonderful that a high profile event supports them.

We were contacted by Brooke and asked if we would like to get involved with this year's event and we couldn't say no! What a fantastic opportunity and an amazing charity to support along the way.

Hannah book signing
Hannah book signing
At the event we will be giving talks to groups of students about who we are, what we do and all about our books!

Throughout the day we will have 6 groups to talk to and meet and greet, along with signing copies of our books, which is all very exciting and Alfie loves meeting the public together with the attention he receives.

Before we get to the event we have lots of preparation to organise and things to think about. Due to the event taking place in Chester it's quite a trek from our home in the Yorkshire Dales, so we will be travelling down the day before. So Tuesday I will begin getting ready and packing Alfie's and my bags for the event!

I always give Alfie a bath before an event as he has to look his best! He hates water so this is usually quite a battle and ends up with more water on me than Alfie, but after 2-3 hours of battling he ends up looking clean and shiny.

The next mission is then getting him not to roll. Like any horses Alfie loves mud and he will do anything to roll and gets himself dirty again. I've found the best solution is to bath him later in the day then put him in his stable for the night. Then in the morning all I have to do is brush away the loose sawdust.

I always create a check list of things I will need for the event, as having to think about Alfie's needs and my own can be quite overwhelming! I then check things off as I get them ready. There is so much to think about and sort out sometimes you would think we were going for a year rather than a couple of days...

Here is an example of what Alfie's check list looks like:

Fresh water
Clicker training treats
Water bucket
Feed bucket
Pony nuts
Folk/ scoop
Hoof oil

We generally over pack everything but I find this is beneficial because you just don't know when you might need something extra!