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7:44 PM 7th October 2021

Global Manufacturer Aiming For Perfect Chemistry Following Key Appointment

Jack Proctor
Jack Proctor
An innovative Yorkshire-based manufacturing business has marked its most successful trading year to date with a major strategic appointment.

Jack Proctor has joined CO2Sustain, developers of CO2Sustain®, a patented solution that helps makers of carbonated drinks keep the fizz in their products for longer.

Jack joins as sales and commercial director and has over 30 years’ multi sector experience in the food, beverage, colouring and flavourings industries having worked for some of the world’s leading manufacturers across these sectors.

His role will be to work closely with leading global soft drinks brands and manufacturers to solve carbonation issues, helping them to increase productivity, boost customer satisfaction with the end product, reduce waste and generate greater profits through production enhancing efficiencies.

Jack will be responsible for a renewed business focus on the UK drinks market following a recent period of prolonged growth. Longer term, his focus will be to grow the business by targeting major brands and manufacturers in the sector working closely with sustainability and new product development leads to highlight the environmental and product innovation benefits of CO2Sustain® as a groundbreaking product ingredient.

The UK soft drinks market saw almost continual growth between 2014 and 2020, with the only drop in market value seen in 2020 as a result of the COVID pandemic. As of 2020, the soft drinks market value amounted to over £13.6bn.

CO2Sustain is widely recognised as a beverage industry innovator. From its manufacturing base in Leeds, CO2Sustain’s team of technical innovations chemists pioneered the preservative-free, liquid processing aid which controls foaming in fizzy drinks (in addition to retaining CO2 content and extending carbonation shelf life), using an exclusive patented formulation.

CO2Sustain currently works with drinks brands and manufacturers across four continents and is active in 25 countries across Europe, Latin America, India, Africa, and the Middle East. Exports are growing at over 300 per cent annually and the business has built a new multifunctional workspace for its growing team of experts which features an in-house laboratory, state of the art industry equipment and a drinks bar for demonstration purposes.

Jack commented: “I’ve joined this business at a key time in its evolution and having a proven track record of helping to grow the businesses I’ve worked with previously, I’m relishing the opportunity of working with a product that is a true innovation in terms of the benefits it can deliver. I’ll be working with marketing and innovation decision makers in some of the world’s biggest brands helping them to solve the issues associated with carbonation which have impacted the soft drinks industry for many years."