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7:46 PM 20th August 2020

Grateful Students Thank Teachers As They Look Forward To Getting Back To School

Talented dancer Eloise Hopkins says she was surprised but delighted to discover she had been awarded a clean sweep of top grade 9s in her GCSEs.

Eloise Hopkins
Eloise Hopkins
She was among the top performers at Ripon Grammar School in a year when 67.7% of all grades achieved were 9-7(A*-A)s, with a quarter of all grades at the top level 9.

Eloise, from Ripon, now plans to pursue a career in medicine following A-levels in maths, biology, chemistry and art.

The 16-year-old, who competes with a dance team and attends ballet lessons, as well as working at weekends in a café, said: “I was completely surprised and so happy when I opened my results. I ‘m now looking forward to continuing my studies at Ripon Grammar School.”

Sophie Pointon
Sophie Pointon
Hockey player Sophie Pointon was thrilled to score eleven top grade 9s in her GCSEs. The 16-year-old, from Thirsk, will study Spanish, maths, chemistry and physics at A-level and is considering careers in engineering or architecture.

The teenager, who represents her school in hockey and also plays for Thirsk Hockey Club, said:
“I am completely over the moon, absolutely thrilled with my results.”

Sophie, who also volunteers at the Ritz community cinema and York Bird of Prey Centre, added:
“I'd like to thank everyone, including friends and parents, who have supported me and am very grateful for all the help and encouragement from every one of my teachers. I have honestly really enjoyed GCSEs at RGS.”

Eleanor Chaplin
Eleanor Chaplin
Eleanor Chaplin, 16, from Boroughbridge, also achieved a clean sweep of eleven grade 9s and will study maths, further maths, French and geography at A-level, after which she aims to study maths with data science at university.

She described the moment she opened her results:
"I was completely shocked but so relieved that my work over the past two years had paid off. I'm really excited now to start sixth form and get to spend more time learning subjects that I love."

She added:
I would like to say thank you to all our teachers for their support and belief in the whole year group.”

Febe Elsayghe
Febe Elsayghe
Febe Elsayghe, from Ripon, is setting her sights on a career in surgery after being awarded six grade 9s, three 8s and two 7s in her GCSEs.

The keen dancer said:
“Before we received the results I was very nervous as the previous exams results that had been published this year had not gone too well for other people but I was very happy to achieve these grades and I’m glad the government tried to make it as fair as possible for everyone.”

Fergus Moon
Fergus Moon
Fergus Moon, 16, from Sicklinghall, is aiming to study veterinary medicine at university after being awarded one 9, six 8s, three 7s and a 6 in his GCSEs.

The keen rugby player, who will be studying chemistry, history and biology at A-level at RGS, said:
“I’m pleased with my results., they’re what I’d hoped for. I can’t wait to start back at school again now.”

Zoe Williams, from Brearton, who was awarded eight 9s, two 8s and one 7 in her GCSEs, said: “After all the uncertainty over the last few months, I’m very proud of my results and think they accurately show the hard work I put in. I’m very excited to continue my education at Ripon Grammar School in September.”

The 15-year-old, who will take maths, chemistry, history and RS at A-level, hopes to study politics, philosophy and economics at university before pursuing a career in law.

Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams
Currently working towards her grade 8 in piano, she enjoys performing in drama and music productions both in and out of school.

“I’d like to thank my teachers for all their commitment, although I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get to sit my exams as I would have liked the chance to prove my potential.”

Swimmer and netball player Olivia Edmondson, from Bishop Monkton, was awarded two 9s, five 8s, two 7s and two 6s and will now study chemistry, biology, geography and psychology at A-level.

As well as representing her school in sport, she swims with NYP Tristars and plays netball for Ripon Rockets. After she leaves RGS, the 16-year-old hopes to do lots of travelling before heading to university.

Olivia Edmondson and Daisy Hynd
Olivia Edmondson and Daisy Hynd
Daisy Hynd, 16, from Skelton-on-Ure, who represents her school in hockey and also plays for Thirsk ladies and U16s teams, achieved four 9s, four 8s and two 7s and will study history, art, psychology and chemistry at A-level.

She has juggled her demanding sports schedule with dance classes and playing saxophone:
“When I leave RGS I hope to spend a year travelling and would love to go to Newcastle University,” she says.

Amy Burgess
Amy Burgess
Amy Burgess , from Ripon, who was awarded six 9s, four 8s and one 7, now plans to take A-levels in chemistry, economics, maths and further maths.

The 16-year-old, who has worked at a chartered accountancy firm for the past two summer holidays to gain experience and helps out with Girl Guides, plans to study chemistry or economics at university.

Hoping for a career in either chemical engineering or management accounting, she said:
“I was unsure what my grades would be because of the pandemic, but I am very pleased with my results, which allow me to do the A-levels I want in sixth form.”