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1:00 AM 10th February 2024

Great British Roast Top Of The Table As The Nation’s Favourite Last Meal

Image by Lisa Baker from Pixabay
Image by Lisa Baker from Pixabay
What would you choose as your last meal? The Great British Sunday roast sits at the top of the table, followed by steak and chips, Chinese takeaway, curry and fish and chips.

That’s according to the latest research by Final Duties, one of the UK’s probate brokers, who surveyed the nation to find out which meal they would pick if it were to be their last*.

Home cooked and unhealthy were the two key requirements found by Final Duties.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash
Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash
48% of those surveyed said their last meal would have to be home cooked, with 36% opting for a restaurant and just 16% choosing a takeaway.

Less than a third (31%) would opt for something healthy, with 69% looking to pig out one last time on an unhealthy meal.

But what would we go for?

The Sunday Roast would be the nation’s go-to last meal, sitting at the top of the table when asked what they would choose.

Steak and chips was the second most popular option, although takeaways also featured heavily.

Chinese takeaway ranked as the third most popular last meal, followed by curry and fish and chips.

Other meals to make the top 10 included the English breakfast, pizza, burger and chips, pie and mash and fried chicken.

The vast majority of those surveyed (86%) said they would happily share their last meal with friends, family or both, with just 14% wanting to chow down one last time on their own.

Jack Gill, managing director of Final Duties,
“Having to choose our last meal is fortunately not the harrowing prospect it can be on the other side of the pond, but I’d still find it a stressful and overwhelming decision to make. How could you choose with so many potentially great things on the menu?

Well it doesn’t seem that tough a decision for the UK public, with the Sunday Roast coming out on top, although the top five choices alone are enough to make you hungry.”

Data tables and sources can be viewed online, here.