Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
8:00 AM 9th June 2021

‘Green’ Ticketing Platform Plants Tree With Every Booking

Ground-breaking new train ticketing service Trainhugger is enabling people to explore Britain by rail, see friends and family again and care for the planet - all at the touch of a button.

Every time a passenger books a train journey through the Trainhugger app or, a tree is planted in the UK.

Crucially for customers, this investment in the countryside’s future comes at no extra cost to them.
Passengers have access to the best available fares and pay the same ticket price they would elsewhere. The difference is that Trainhugger donates a third of its revenue to tree planting.

“This is a really easy way for people to change their behaviour and become greener without it costing them any more” said Trainhugger CEO and founder Ed Caldecott. “If you’re planning a trip, book your train ticket with us and we’ll plant a tree in your name.

“We want to make sure that every Trainhugger tree that goes into the soil is both the right species and planted in the best place possible, so we have teamed up with the experts at the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS).

“Together, we have set up a special Trainhugger grant for their members. It means we could potentially be planting millions of trees every year across the UK.”

RFS Development Manager Jen Turner said: “This truly is a pioneering project. The lockdowns have made many of us more aware than ever of opportunities to cut our climate impact and improve local air quality. Trainhugger delivers so many benefits in these areas.

“Every booking through the Trainhugger platform means a tree will be planted and managed expertly for the future. Train travel also produces significantly less CO2 than traditional car travel so this is a win-win for conscientious travellers, the environment and for those planting resilient woodland.”

Customers can access all their journey information in the Trainhugger app, which also keeps track of how many trees each user has planted and how much carbon has been saved.

The Trainhugger app is available to download free for both iOS and Android users, and there is further booking information at