Yorkshire Times
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4:36 PM 4th July 2024

Halifax-Born Man Attempts Extraordinary Solo North Atlantic Row For Charity

Be Hatty out of water.
Be Hatty out of water.
After months and months of preparation and days of weather watching, the time has come for Halifax-man Tom Waddington to start his record breaking attempt to complete the fastest ever solo crossing of the North Atlantic ocean from Canada to Cornwall. On Friday morning (5 July at approx 9am local time) he will push off from the Canadian coastline, and row, completely unsupported, until he reaches the Cornish coastline, hopefully no more than 38 days later. Tom will be rowing for 12 hours every day in 3 hour stints, snatching sleep and food when he can. His boat ‘Be Hatty’ has specialist equipment onboard which converts sea water to fresh water and also hydrates the frozen dried food he will survive on.

To achieve his goal, Tom founded Mind Oar Matter - a declaration that with enough commitment and determination we can overcome the physical and mental challenges we face, no matter how insurmountable they seem. Tom hopes that the expedition will allow him to share his message on mental health, his passion for the cause which helped him come to terms and deal with his own monumental loss and grief. His mission is to promote Mind mental health awareness, so suffering people will take action, seek help and get physically active via sports or exercise

Tom is rowing the Atlantic to raise money and awareness for Mind -to donate to this brilliant cause today go to

Tom is supported by Everlast Worldwide Tritax Symmetr