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1:00 AM 28th October 2023

Halloween Treats That Trick Kids Into Eating Fruit And Vegetables

When you think of Halloween, you think of sweets and chocolate. Between all the sweets your kids will undoubtedly bring home from trick or treating and all the bags you bought for anyone coming to your door, the day revolves around sugar!

While there’s a place for sweets in every diet, you can still keep your spooky spirits with nutritious Halloween treats that will trick your children into eating more fruit and veg.

With Google searches for 'Halloween party foods for kids' surging past 5000% in the UK over the past 30 days, culinary experts at HelloFresh have put together some delicious Halloween recipes that are guaranteed to please. These treats are simple enough for anyone to master, requiring nothing more than a dash of creativity and a generous helping of imagination.

Scarily Tasty Fruit Skewers

These scarily tasty fruit skewers are a super simple and a refreshing option amongst all the Halloween treats. They’re silly, easy to make and best of all, they’ll get your kids eating something other than sweets! All you have to do is paint some ghostly faces and eyes on some marshmallows using edible icing and add them to your skewer full of fruit! If you’re hosting your own Halloween party this year and looking for charcuterie board ideas, these skewers make the perfect spooky addition to your spread!


These ghost shaped frozen banana treats are delicious and loved by children but don't let the cute design fool you, adults enjoy them just as much! Start by cutting the bananas lengthwise, then in half to make quarters. Pop an ice lolly stick into the banana and freeze for 24 hours. When they’re frozen, melt some white chocolate and dip the bananas in. You can use greek yoghurt for a sugar free twist. Add two chocolate chips to each for the eyes and freeze again for a couple of hours.

Munchy Apple Monsters

An apple a day keeps the monsters away! These treats are sure to make your kids laugh this Halloween. All you need is a handful of apples, a spoonful of peanut butter, some strawberries and a couple of sunflower seeds. They’re so easy to make and will leave your kids wanting more.

Haunted Hot Dog and Spiced Chips

If you’re looking for a savoury halloween recipe that is sure to please everyone at the table, try this spooky take on the classic hot dog and chips. It’s super easy to make and easily adaptable to suit kids too. Or opt for a witches cauldron Mac and Cheese as a delicious veggie option, making it easier to eat more vegetables!

Take a look at more spooky suggestions and buffet food inspiration on the HelloFresh website.