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Vivienne Barnes
Happiness Coach
3:10 PM 9th February 2020

Happiness Tip 95

Waterfall photo by Andrei Niemimaki
Waterfall photo by Andrei Niemimaki
Welcome to tip 95

... those of you who've been following me for a while will know I do bang on about the importance of our thinking..and how this affects our happiness and well being

..and what I am about to share is along the same theme... can make oneself unhappy by imagining something is going to happen and then the reality occurs to agree with us..

..but you see there is another way of looking at this..if, for example, you think someone is going to behave in a certain possibly unkind, ungracious sort of way, or say something unkind, you could begin communicating with what you think is going on for the other and not communicating with whoever is actually present... the next time you are in this situation just press pause and communicate with the person, not your supposed thoughts of them!...