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12:50 PM 23rd September 2023

Harry Redknapp Weighs In On Neil Warnock's Career After He Bids Farewell To Huddersfield Town

Harry Redknapp has described outgoing Huddersfield Town manager Neil Warnock as “a sensible football man who knows the game.”

Speaking to GB News, the veteran coach also told how the old fashioned hairdryer treatment, which Warnock often handed out, is no longer acceptable in the game:
“I think actually is (Warnock’s) age is going down every year. Last year he was 76, I don’t know how he has suddenly become 74!

“Neil’s a good lad, he’s a character. He keeps it simple, he knows the game. I don’t think he’s particularly out there on the training ground coaching every day, I think he leaves that to other people.

“He picks the right teams, he knows the players and talks a bit of common sense.”

Redknapp added that modern coaches can no longer get away with the Alex Ferguson ‘hairdryer’ treatment and management today is very different to how it was 30 years ago.

“Back in the days they were all British players and they'd grown up with that type of behaviour and if they weren't performing people would shout at them.

“But now with the foreign players, it doesn't happen anymore. You wouldn't get away with it.

“When they come in at half time you talk about what's gone wrong and what's gone right and it’s a short ten minute spiel to get your point across.

“And I have found over the years you don’t get improved performances by shouting and screaming.”

“I would never say I was a bully or went in shouting and screaming at people. But there are certain times where you can’t keep saying ‘well done lads, we’ve just lost six – nil, you played fantastic today; you have to tell it as it is and you can’t keep mollycoddling them.

“But you do get more out of people by telling them what they can do than what they can’t do.”

On Neil's style he added:

"I think he lives in Cornwall, I think he probably came in two or three days a week and left it to the coaches and came in on the important days - probably Thursday, Friday and certainly for the game.

“But Neil understands the game, he knows the game, knows a player, knows where to get a player from if he needs one. He’s just a sensible football man.”

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