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1:32 AM 2nd December 2019

Have You Got A Favourite Haribo Sweet?

When it comes to HARIBO, we all have a favourite. Whether it’s one of those squidgy fried eggs, delicious love hearts, or cute little gummy bears, we know exactly which ones we want to scoop first.

But what are the chances of picking out your favourite from a bag and how might that differ from pack to pack?

To brighten up their week Magnet Kitchens decided to do a survey and they opened one hundred 190g bags of HARIBO Starmix and counted a whopping 5,738 sweets in a bid to find out which sweet you’re most likely to pick from your mix.

After counting (and eating) their way through 100 bags, here’s what they found…

Which sweet are you most likely to grab from the bag?
Which sweet are you most likely to grab from the bag?
In a 190g bag of HARIBO Starmix, you have the highest chance of grabbing a gummy bear- as they make up a whopping 38% of the bag.

There’s a one in five (20%) chance of picking out a ring, a 16% chance of snatching a heart and 14% chance of choosing a cola bottle. That just leaves the foamy fried egg, which you have a one in eight (12%) chance of picking out of a pack.

Using these calculations, they also worked out what an average bag of 190g Haribo Starmix is made up of…

What does an average share bag look like?
What does an average share bag look like?
The least common sweet which makes up an eighth of a bag is the foamy fried egg, with an average pack count of 7. Sharing a pack with gummy bear fanatics? You’re in luck, as they’re the most common in a pack with a generous 22 bears to share or scoff.

Whether you’re more likely to grab a gummy bear or fish out a fried egg, these family favourites are usually gone before you can ask ‘are there any rings left?’.

What is your favourite HARIBO Starmix sweet?

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