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12:20 AM 11th December 2021

Healthy Heart Tips: Avoid Over-indulging On Food This Christmas

The Christmas period is a time when there are lots of temptations around. It is fine to allow yourself some edible treats during the festivities, but it is important not to over-indulge.

Heart Research UK give some tips to prevent you and your loved ones from eating too much this Christmas.

Avoid buying and preparing too much food

If you are preparing food for other people, try to be realistic about how much they will eat. Plan meals in advance and avoid overdoing it when you are shopping and cooking. This will also help you to reduce food waste and save on your shopping bill!

Shift your focus away from food

Don’t let food be the main focus this Christmas. Instead of spending days in the kitchen baking cakes, biscuits and puddings, why not invest your time preparing fun games to play on Christmas day, decorating the house, planning a Christmas walk or getting in touch with people who are spending Christmas alone.

Choose healthier gifts

Instead of buying gifts that are high in calories, such as chocolates, jams, sweets, biscuits and alcohol, choose non-edible gifts instead. How about getting your friends something for the house, like candles, plants or flowers? Instead of sweets for the kids you could give them things that will get them active, such as a football, skipping rope, skateboard, bike, hula hoop or trampoline.

We hope you enjoy a happy and healthy Christmas!

Heart Research UK
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