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2:17 PM 27th August 2021

Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Tip: Healthy Bank Holiday

Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Tip, written by Dr Helen Flaherty, Head of Health Promotion at Heart Research UK

Bank up some heart health this Bank Holiday

With the August bank holiday just around the corner, what will you do with your extra day off? Why not follow our tips to bank some heart health and still have a good time.

Hearty BBQ

If the sun is shining this bank holiday weekend, it could be the perfect time to fire up the BBQ and try some healthy alternatives to traditional burgers and sausages. Tuna steaks can be sliced and flavoured with lime, ginger and coriander for a healthy zesty burger alternative. Why not roast some veggies on the BBQ, such as corn on the cob or vegetable skewers.

Raise your game

Games like basketball and swing ball can be a fun way of entertaining the kids or catching up with friends in the garden or park. Don’t let the threat of rain stop the fun, there are plenty of indoor activities, such as trampolining, indoor skating and swimming.

Take to the streets

With carnivals, markets and food events back on the calendar, make sure you know how to spot some heart healthy street food. Simple swaps can go a long way towards a healthier heart and still tingle the taste buds; try out some delicious vegetarian options for a meat free alternative that’s packed with goodness; go for a side of corn on the cob or baked sweet potato wedges instead of fries.

Laugh and dance

For a healthy heart it’s important to keep the oxygen and blood flowing. What better way to do this than to have a good laugh and a boogie with your family and friends.

However you choose to spend your extra day, try to make your bank holiday count towards a healthier, happier and longer life with those you love.

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