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5:09 PM 25th July 2013

High Achiever Sets Financial Bar

A genuinely 'independent' financial advisor from Ingleton has raised the bar in his field by attaining Chartered status in the shortest possible time, while at the same time becoming a PFS Fellow.

Roger Kuhlmann of Storrs Wealth Planning, has studied intensively for the last two years to reach these top level qualifications. The PFS (Personal Finance Society) ranks Fellowship as the highest qualification awarded by its parent body the CII (the Chartered Insurance Institute). To achieve this standard and to gain Chartered Financial planner status concurrently in such a short time is considered a remarkable achievement.

Formerly allied with Robertshaw Myers accountancy practice in Skipton prior to their merger with Armstrong Watson, Roger embraced the challenge of attaining high levels of qualification and was not fazed by the multitude of exams required to set himself above the average IFA.

Roger explained "People have lost a lot of confidence in the Financial Services Industry after the economic crash of the past few years; I believe that in future the public will seek help from those who can demonstrate a clear commitment to providing the highest level of service, which is what I have set out to do."

Alongside ongoing work for clients, Roger has also gained the STEP certificate for Financial Services (Trust and Estate planning) and enrolled for the STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates, the qualification widely accepted as the benchmark trust and estate qualification for solicitors dealing with wills, trusts and probate.

Despite all the studying and heavyweight subject matter of his career Roger maintains a healthy sense of humour about the work in hand, quoting Woody Allen on his website "Money is better than poverty if only for financial reasons".