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Phil Hopkins
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9:00 AM 25th April 2020

Holistic Tips For The Home From World’s Best

Feeling tense? Trapped in your own home? Suffering from Covid-19 lockdown? Then time for a few holistic tips from the world’s best!

How about a reinvigorating body scrub, soothing facial and meditative breathwork to the sound of bird song followed by a restorative yoga class washed down with an immune-boosting smoothie?

These are some of the well-being experiences that you can recreate at home, courtesy of some of the globe’s leading wellness experts.

So, get ready to banish the lockdown blues and get that healthy glow….even if you are still housebound:

YTL Hotels’ Spa Village Shares Wellness Rituals to Try at Home
From harnessing the power of natural thermal waters at the Gainsborough Bath Spa, to creating unique floating therapies onboard a Floating Spa Barge at Monkey Island Estate and honouring age-old healing practices in Malaysia, Thailand, Bali and beyond, delivers award-winning results around the globe.

While many of us are in lockdown, the award-winning spa brand shares three simple at-home spa secrets to enjoy until we have the opportunity, once more, to consider a visit to one of its international luxury retreats.

The underdog super-oil that will do wonders for your nails
We are all familiar with the benefits of coconut, argan, and rosehip oils, but castor oil often gets overlooked as a power beauty oil!

Hailing from the Ricinus communis plant, with its beauty roots reaching back to ancient Egypt, castor oil is thicker and stickier than most.

It is far richer in vitamin E and is packed with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Take this time at home for your nails to go polish-free. Dab some castor oil on and massage into toenails, fingernails and cuticles each morning and night. Just three days will make you a believer! Castor oil can be found at any pharmacy. Make sure it is cold pressed.

Make your own traditional Balinese body scrub
Centuries-old, this spicy and warming body scrub will leave your skin glowing and bright. Boreh is traditionally used in Indonesia for a variety of applications from arthritis and muscle aches to pre-wedding beauty rituals.

“Bo'' meaning ready and “Reh” meaning blood in Balinese, it is excellent for circulation, is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Place all the below ingredients in a blender to create a medium / fine texture. Add coconut or any nourishing oil like olive to reach the consistency you prefer. Scrub the entire body, and rinse in a warm shower.

100g white rice
50gm fresh grated ginger
30g cloves
2 Tbs cinnamon powder
1 Tbs ground nutmeg
Soak the rice overnight and drain

A gut healthy bacteria booster smoothie
There are more than 1,000 different species of bacteria in our gut. These microorganisms support our immune systems, aid digestion and optimise nutrient assimilation.

We can encourage a bountiful, live and thriving ecosystem of intestinal flora through the foods we eat and drink. Blitz all the below ingredients in the blender with a few cubes of ice and enjoy!

1/2 cup pineapple chunks (or banana if you can't find pineapple)
1/2 large cucumber
1 inch skinned and chopped ginger
1 handful fresh mint leaves
1/2 juiced lime or lemon
250ml unflavoured plain Kefir drink