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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:00 AM 19th April 2017

How I Started Writing My Blog

Hannah with her ponies
Hannah with her ponies
Starting your own blog is a bit of a daunting task but trust me it's easy to do.

I started my online blog nearly 3 years ago and we now have a following of over 40 thousand followers which is a little bit scary. Little did I know that Alfie would create so much interest.

It started as a hobby and grew into a business in just a few short months and at 17 years old I didn't know much about the online world.

So how do you start your own blog?

One day I literally sat down and started typing. I made a blog on Tumblr because that was the most popular network when I was 17. I then posted a photo of Alfie, clicked 'refresh' hoping to have lots of followers. But it certainly didn't happen that quickly. What to write about to start with was a problem as I didn't want to share any personal information about me so I decided to write my blog from Alfie's point of view.

To my surprise writing a blog entry from Alfie's point of view worked and people seemed to enjoy it. I wrote simple things, all from Alfie's point of view. It could be anything from what he thought of me, the weather or his opinion of other horses. I always made sure that whatever I wrote sounded like it came from a cheeky Shetland. Within a few months we had nearly 1,000 followers, which I felt was quite an achievement.

I then started to post more photos of me and Alfie a lot more frequently, which his followers loved and so I decided to set up other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It took me a while to learn how to use them, but I finally got the hang of things. It was great to see his followers growing and interacting on the blogs.

Around 6 months into posting on Alfie's blog I decided to switch it up a little bit and started to post my point of view also. I felt more confident that people would still enjoy the stories and hearing about Alf's latest adventures and they did. I think when I first started writing about Alfie I was a little shy but it helped me with writing my first book and everything we have achieved today.

It was around a year later after starting my blog, I had a question from an online follower asking if I would ever consider starting a YouTube Channel on Alfie's adventures. It had never occurred to me to produce online videos but I thought 'why not!'

Once I started filming the YouTube Videos for Alf's blog I instantly loved it. So okay the first video I ever filmed was terrible I was really nervous which is natural. It took me a while to build my confidence but it's like anything, you learn as you go along and that's what I did. It can be quite daunting to sit down in front of the camera and start talking. Luckily I have Alf who always helps me through.

A few tips if you wish to start your own channel:

Believe in yourself
- I've always been told, if you believe in yourself you can do it.
Practice - practice a few times, watch the video back and build from there.
Ask for advice - I ask my Mum for advice all the time and it is really helpful.
Blog about something you're interested in - blog on something you are passionate about!
Enjoy and have fun!