Yorkshire Times
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2:35 PM 1st August 2022

How Little Ones Are Expressing Their Feelings On Climate Change, On A Bottle

Modern Milkman invites the nation to vote for their favourite eco-inspired children’s design to be featured on the brand’s next reusable milk bottles.
Modern Milkman, the 21st century’s answer to the traditional milkround, is asking people to cast their vote to decide the top ten shortlisted designs for its Message on a Bottle competition, which sees young people across the nation –express their feelings on climate change by designing their own eco-message to be delivered on a milk bottle.

The competition which launched last month is inspired by Modern Milkman founder Simon Mellin’s own young daughter and addresses the issue of eco-anxiety among young people, which research has shown are increasingly distressed about the climate crisis and its impact on their future.

Empowering children to take environmental action whilst raising awareness about the crises we face, the creative initiative has received many entries from seven to 11-year-olds across the country.

Celebrating the most creative artwork, complete with designs and conscious messaging, the public is able to narrow the entries down to compile a shortlist of top ten designs. An expert panel will then choose one winning creation to be printed on the brand’s reusable milk bottles which will land on doorsteps nationwide.

Simon Mellin, Founder of Modern Milkman, said:
“Being sustainable should be convenient and at Modern Milkman, we’re here to help people to reduce their waste and ultimately help the environment. We know that the younger generation is concerned about the climate crisis, and rightfully so, that’s why we launched the message on a bottle competition. To not only empower children that want to help to do their bit, but to give them a voice to help incite change.

“We’ve received some imaginative and powerful designs, so I know it will be tricky for people to choose which make the shortlist. I’m excited to see the designs that people choose as their top ten, as we’ll ultimately see one lucky winner printed on our returnable glass bottles across the country.”

For more information about Modern Milkman and details on how to vote for your favourite design, please visit and select ‘submissions’ at the bottom of the page. Voting closes on 12th August 2022 at 17:00. Terms and conditions apply.*

Modern Milkman delivers fresh milk, groceries, and cleaning products directly to consumers’ doors via an easy-to-use app - offering a convenient way for Brits to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle to preserve our planet’s resources. All of its drinks come in returnable glass bottles, which are collected, washed, and reused. Any packaging that isn’t reusable is single-use plastic free, recyclable or home-compostable!