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1:00 AM 9th March 2024

How Much Me-Time Do UK Mums Get?

1 In 5 Get Zero According To New Study
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay
We’ve all heard the old saying ‘a mothers work is never done’. From the sleepless nights to the early morning school runs, managing household tasks and holding down a job outside the home, there’s no question mothers take on one of the hardest jobs in the world.

A new Mother’s Day study from flower and gift delivery service, Eflorist, has found that this has never been more true, with a whopping 1 in 5 (18%) mums in the UK saying they get ZERO me-time outside their mum and work responsibilities.

As Mother's Day (Sunday 10th March) approaches, it's a time to celebrate the incredible women who fill our lives with endless care, and the research is clear evidence that mothers need to find the time for relaxation and a spot of pampering in their lives, more than just once a year.

Image by Alexa from Pixabay
Image by Alexa from Pixabay
The research shows that almost three quarters (73%) of mothers said they wished they had more time for self-care.

As well as this, a further two thirds (66%) say they feel they would do a better job as a mum if they were able to get this time to themselves.

Below, Eflorist reveals the exact time mums in the UK spend on household tasks each day, and what people can do to show the mothers in their lives a bit of extra love this Mothers Day:

Despite their unwavering dedication, the average amount of daily me-time that mums with child(ren) under the age of 3 are able to have, is 36 minutes - only 2.5% of their ENTIRE day.

When asked about how they would like to spend their Mothers Day, over half (57%) of mums said that they would prefer to spend their day alone to make the time for self care.

Furthermore, 65% of mums wished they had more time for exercise - proof that self care time is just as important for physical wellbeing - especially with lively little ones.

How much time do mums spend running around after their families everyday?

Our mothers are ‘always on’, and the role of motherhood isn't one you can simply clock out of, even on weekends, with almost half (42%) of mums not being able to meet up with friends at the weekend.

Eflorist asked mothers how long they spend doing daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, taking their child(ren) to activities, and shopping for the household.

The results found that on average, mums are spending an astounding 4 hours and 24 minutes A DAY running around after their families.

Yet, a shocking two thirds (66%) of mums still experience ‘mum-guilt’ - a term given to mothers who feel like they don’t live up to their parenting expectations - which could potentially lead to parental burnout.

These results clearly show the lengths mothers go to in order to care for their family, as on average, mothers spend:

1 hour and 24 minutes doing housework every day
1 hour and 18 minutes cooking every single day
54 minutes driving their child(ren) around every single day
48 minutes each day shopping for their household

On top of this, the survey found that over a quarter (26%) of mums are spending more than 8 hours a week at activities for their children, including playdates, sporting clubs (such as swimming, football and gymnastics) and kids parties.

With this in mind it’s little wonder why over half (52%) of mums surveyed struggle to balance working, and simply being a mother.

How can we ensure mothers get self care time?

As part of the research, mums were asked what their perfect Mother’s Day would look like - from who they’d like to spend it with, to what the perfect gift would be.

Using the results of their survey, Eflorist have pulled together their top 5 suggestions to help plan the perfect day for the super mums out there:

Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay
1. Organise some dedicated self care time

It’s clear from the research that mothers need some time to themselves, so try taking your child(ren) out of the house to give her some alone time.

This time could be used to indulge in a favourite hobby, or simply relax with some tranquillity at the weekend, as 61% of mothers are unable to spend a typical weekend looking after themselves.

2. Plan a family day

From the research, it was revealed that 85% of mums would like to spend their Mothers Day with their child(ren) and their partner, so organise a day of family time, where she doesn't have to lift a finger.

Some simple things you can do include preparing a surprise breakfast or dinner, or helping out around the house doing cleaning or laundry.

With 68% of mums wishing they had more help with daily household tasks and chores, these simple acts can make such a difference.

3. Create an at-home spa day

Booking a spa can be a little pricey, so instead, try and make your own at home a hub of relaxation.

For 57% of mothers, even simple tasks such as washing their hair often get pushed to the side, so for this, you can include some face masks, a candle, and some bath products to help her have a proper pamper session.

The key here is to make sure she’s given some time to enjoy this without any distractions.

4. Create a homemade gift

Whilst for some, Mothers Day is a time to shower your mum with gifts, the research found that 37% of mothers prefer to receive sentimental and homemade gifts

Encourage your child(ren) to create their own gift, such as a card or drawing to give to their mum, and display it with pride in your home.

5. Or, opt for their favourite flowers

16% of mums prefer to receive flowers on Mothers Day, so pick a bouquet that includes their favourite flowers, or select colours that express certain emotions - such as a yellow bouquet for joy.

Flowers however, aren't held to one day only, so a floral treat every now and again to refill the vase is a small but sweet gesture to show the love and appreciation we hold inside.

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