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3:00 AM 16th April 2022

How To Capture Precious Memories Of Your New-Born At Home

Nothing quite compares to those first few weeks of becoming a parent and those moments from when your new-born has just entered the world are certainly something that you will want to capture.

For various reasons when your bundle of joy arrives, it might not be feasible to have a professional studio photoshoot – but that shouldn’t mean you miss out capturing those wonderful memories that you can cherish forever.

Here are five tips from photo experts CEWE to help you create professional new-born photographs, without having to leave your house.

Try to find the best lighting for your baby

Lighting can make or break a photoshoot, so make sure you spend some time checking out where in your home receives the best natural daylight and observe how long it lasts and might change throughout the day in advance. For a shoot at home, natural light is your best bet and the ideal time to make the most of this lighting is during the early mornings and can often be found in a room with lots of windows and doors – so the natural light can shine through.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, spend some time testing out the space with some practise shots to see how the area performs in terms of the lighting. If it’s too bright, the images will look too overexposed, but if it is too dark, they will appear underexposed – so it’s important to get this right. A really simple way to adjust natural light is to use white curtains or bedsheets as a reflector to manage the light effectively.

Make sure you pick a suitable background

For a new-born photoshoot, it’s best not to over complicate things – especially if you’re shooting at home as this naturally gives a relaxed, laidback feel to the shoot. Try to keep it simple with a natural background, with tones of white or cream, that will let baby shine and be the main focus of the photos. This type of background also gives an angelic new-born feel and will look crisp and fresh in the final images.

If you do wish to go for something a bit more creative and standout when it comes to the background, it’s a good idea to opt for a theme that is reflected in both the props, outfits and background. This way there will be some synergy to the photoshoot and it will bring the images together. A good place to start with this would be to consider the time of year. For a festive background, consider a Christmas tree or gifts, for summer introduce a beach theme or for Easter consider pastel colours. These types of themes are also a really nice way to remember the wonderful time of year that baby entered the world.

Go for the close-ups and consider your composition

Try not to worry about creating really extravagant photos and remember that capturing the smaller details such as fingers, toes, leg rolls, smiles and even little yawns and facial expressions will all remind you of how delicate and small your baby once was – which is why close-up photos are often the best. To get these shots, it’s easiest to put baby in position during nap time when they are more likely to cooperate and stay still – you’ll also get those stunning sleepy pictures that are sure to make you smile when you look back at them.

It’s also really important to carefully consider your composition – meaning how all the elements sit together within the frame. One of the basics of photography and a common composition technique is the ‘Rule of Thirds’. Imagine your image is divided by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, creating a 3×3 grid. When taking photos of your little one, ensure you are photographing near to these lines or close to one of the four intersections of the grid. This will create stunning images that perfectly capture your baby.

Pick neutral-coloured props and clothes so your baby can shine

Opting for props and outfits that are a natural colour will help to ensure that your new-born is the star of the photography. Sometimes bold prints, patterns and colours can be distracting in the photos and take the focus away from baby, so try to choose lighter coloured props and blankets to ensure your bundle of joy is the focus.

Props are definitely something you should consider within your shoot to add a different dimension and enhance the photography. Things such as a cosy blanket, knitted boots, a cotton headband or soft toy will all look great on camera. These items will also help to relax your baby if they are a familiar scent or something they regularly have around them.

Do something special and create a beautiful baby photo album

The photos you take will no doubt become some of your most prize possessions, due to how incredibly sentimental they are. To make the most of them, compile a CEWE PHOTOBOOK that allows you to document these precious memories. With every page turn, you’ll be filled with joy as you get to reminisce on these incredibly wonderful moments.

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