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2:00 AM 3rd June 2022

How To Choose The Best Wedding Favours For Your Guests

Couples due to tie the knot are being offered advice on choosing wedding favours for guests. have looked at the things brides and grooms to be should consider when selecting the sweet treats.

Wedding favours are a bride and groom's way of showing a token of appreciation to their guests for joining them on their wedding day.

It’s important to choose these carefully and think of something guests will like in order to avoid favours being left behind and being a waste of money.

Kathryn Hague from Wholesale Sweets said:
“Wedding favours are a nice little touch on your wedding day and are a great way to thank your guests for their attendance.

“Weddings are expensive in general and that’s why it’s important to make sure you find wedding favours that you know your guests will love and will want to take home.

“When you don’t think things like this through you run the risk of people leaving them behind which can often feel like a waste of money.

“Our advice is to keep things pretty simple, go with the general preference of your guests, you could even put together some DIY favours.

“Just keep your budget in mind, your wedding day will bring costs far greater than your wedding favours so try to think how much you’d like to spend on these in advance.”

The ultimate guide to wedding favours:

Think about the kind of favours you want
Wedding favours can actually be whatever you want them to be. They could be something that goes with the food being served or they could be something tangible your guests are able to take away.

Don’t get too complicated
Of course you’ll want to think about what your guests like when it comes to wedding favours but don’t go too niche or specific. By doing this you run the risk of only a small selection of people really liking the favours and taking them home and the rest will just be a waste.

Try to keep it a bit more general and go with what you think the majority of the guests will like. You can never go wrong with some tasty chocolates.

Keep your budget in mind
When it comes to planning a wedding you’ll have bigger things on your mind than wedding favours so try to avoid spending loads on them. A general guide would be around £1 per favour, remember when you scale up this can add up very quickly.

Tie it in with your theme
If your wedding is on the more traditional side, perhaps you want to do traditional favours to compliment this like sugared almonds. Alternatively, if your wedding is more modern go for some tasty sweets or mini cakes.

DIY favours
A lot of couples don’t want to spend too much money on favours so why not consider doing it yourself. This doesn’t have to be complicated, you could buy some small sweet bags or mason jars and fill them up with a selection of yummy pick n mix treats.

Consider the size of your guest list
If you have a small guest list then you may want to spend a little bit more on your wedding favours and make them extra special. The bigger your guest list the more favours you’ll need so you may want to stick with something more simple.