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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
7:30 PM 10th April 2017

How To Help Your Pony Shed Their Coat Ready For Summer.....

It's already April and we've had some amazing sunny weather recently.

It's that time of year when our horses and pets begin to shed away their winter coats, which can be quite a nightmare when you find loose bits of hair all over yourself and the house too.

Hannah and Alf
Hannah and Alf
Having 13 pets I've grown used to it over the years.

Unfortunately I'm actually allergic to horse hair so this time of year you find me sniffling away with a pack of allergy tablets. So I try to help the ponies shed their hair as quickly as possible, for mine and their benefit.

Since Alf is such a bundle of fluff this time of year his skin can get quite irritable and you often find him itching on the fence. So recently I've been doing lots of research and using different methods to help him through the transition from a woolly mammoth to a sleek looking show pony.

Here are some tips I have found useful...

Groom your ponies twice a day.
Using good old fashioned elbow grease you will be able to remove a lot of loose hair with your horse brushes. Using harder brushes such as a curry comb this will also help you remove more hair. Make sure that you don't use the harder brush on sensitive areas of your horse or pony as this will make him uncomfortable and we want your horse to be happy at all times!

Make sure your worming programme for your horse is up to date!
Alfie had his annual worming tablets last week. It's a great idea to keep a diary of when you last wormed your horses which is incredibly important as parasites effect your horse's coat and overall condition.

Did you know that horses lose their coat depending on the daylight hours and not the weather? Cool right?
Horses begin to lose their coats as the days get lighter, hence why our four legged friends are losing all their hair at the moment. This means that the more hours your horses get outside the more of the coat they will shed. Something to consider if you're wondering whether to keep your horse inside or out this April.

Consider clipping your horses.
I personally don't clip any of my horses, but if your horse has thick hair and they are getting regular exercise they might be getting rather hot and uncomfortable when exercised, so think about getting the clippers out! After all we want our four legged friends to be super happy and healthy this summer.

So there are my top four grooming tips to think about this April!

Some people don't worry about their horses shedding their coats and go for the complete natural approach which is totally fine.

Eventually your horse will lose all his winter hair and you'll have a less hairy horse for summer.