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1:00 AM 23rd March 2024

How To Plan The Perfect Easter Treasure Hunt

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with an “eggciting” egg scavenger hunt? Whether you're organising an event for your closest family or all your friends, an Easter scavenger hunt promises a great time for all involved. The good news is that organising the event can be relatively straightforward, as well as provide you with a great opportunity to get creative and treat your nearest and dearest to a fun-filled Easter event.

To help you plan the best event for your friends and family, Kirsty Prankerd from Write From The Heart is here to explain how to plan the perfect Easter scavenger hunt that will have everyone hopping with excitement.

Choose a theme

Every great scavenger hunt starts with a theme, and Easter offers plenty of great possibilities. You could of course opt for a traditional Easter theme, complete with bunnies, chicks, and colourful eggs. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get a little more creative you may want to create a themed hunt based on popular Easter tales or characters, such as Peter Rabbit.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure it's one that will delight participants of all ages. While traditional Easter egg hunts complete with bunnies and colourful eggs may be perfect for little ones, older kids may prefer something that feels a little more “grown-up”, such as themes based on their favourite band or TV show.

Some fun Easter egg hunt theme ideas you may want to try include:

Under the sea: Hide eggs painted with sea creatures and use beach-themed decorations to transform your egg hunt into an ocean-themed event.
Superheroes: Have kids search for eggs featuring their favourite superhero symbols or colours, hidden among comic book decorations.
Outer space adventure: Hide eggs in a space-themed setting with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, and include egg-shaped "alien" prizes.
Garden party: Hide eggs in a garden setting with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs, and include small gardening tools or seed packets as prizes.
Sports extravaganza: Hide eggs in a sports-themed setup with balls, kits, and equipment, with sports-related prizes for the finders.

Find your scavenger location

Next, you'll need to choose the perfect location for your Easter scavenger hunt. The key is to find a space that offers plenty of hiding spots for your eggs and clues, so the location may depend on how many people will be taking part in your event. The garden is a classic choice for Easter scavenger hunts, but if you want to go even bigger you may want to host it at a nearby park, or even the beach for an ocean-themed hunt. You should also ensure you choose an accessible location for everyone involved, including the adults who may be helping the little ones with their hunt.

If you do choose to have your scavenger hunt outdoors, you should also have an indoor option as a backup. British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, but especially during spring, so it’s best to be prepared by having a plan B.

Choose clever hiding places for your eggs

The success of any scavenger hunt lies in the cleverness of its hiding places, and Easter egg hunts are no exception. Get creative with your hiding spots, tucking eggs away behind bushes, under benches, or even up in trees for an added challenge. Just be sure to keep track of where you hide them – you don't want any eggs going undiscovered!

You may want to choose some egg hiding places based on the theme of your event. For example, if your little one’s favourite superhero is Spiderman or Black Widow and you’re doing a superhero-themed hunt, you may want to buy an artificial spider web to hide one or two of the eggs in.

Get some Easter egg baskets

No Easter scavenger hunt would be complete without a basket for collecting those precious eggs. Provide each participant with their own basket to carry as they hunt, ensuring that they have plenty of room to store their finds. If you want to get creative, you could even make and/or decorate these yourself based on the theme of your event. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more fun Easter-themed activities for your kids, you could encourage them to decorate their own baskets in the lead-up to the big scavenger hunt.

Give everyone a special treat

Finally, don't forget to reward your scavenger hunters for their egg hunting efforts. Whether it's a chocolate egg, a small toy, or a certificate of completion, everyone loves a special treat at the end of a successful hunt. You may want to consider hiding a golden egg containing a grand prize for an added element of excitement and competition.

Looking for something even more special? You could treat the participants to personalised gifts to treasure for longer than a chocolate egg. A personalised keepsake box can make a really meaningful gift for older kids, while a custom stuffed Easter bunny is sure to be something that your little one will treasure for Easter’s to come.

“Egg scavenger hunts are a staple in the Easter period, both for little ones and older teens alike. Not only can they keep kids entertained on a busy day, but hunts are a great way to celebrate the day as a family. With some careful planning, the perfect theme, and some clever hiding places, you’re sure to be able to plan an event all the participants will love.

“Giving out personalised presents can be a great way to round off the event too. Not only will everyone have something special to take home even if they didn’t win the hunt, but personalisation adds a thoughtful touch to gifts, meaning they will be cherished for years to come.

Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director at Write From The Heart